I had always tried to be productive for the society and could work for the betterment of it, I took an oath and I m serving it till my last breath these a re the key issues I work on if you want to give be my support on such issues do contact


To deal with the economic downturn, the Government of India will once again have to rely on its own retail business and retail entrepreneurs in the country. The last time the recession hit the world, this retail businessman and entrepreneur drove India out of this recession. Once again, serious thinking is needed. The big companies of India are stopping their production, forcing thousands of employees to be fired. The owner of Coffee Cafe Day committed suicide, how many people have fled abroad, how many people will be preparing to flee. Once again there is a need to re-review that the country is going into the hands of foreign companies like industry and business. 

BUDGET 2019-20

Corporate is welcome to levy 25% tax on all types of companies; 
GST rate on vehicles will be increased from 12% to 5%
Instead of accepting the demand of bringing diesel, petrol & LPG within the ambit of GST, the imposition of additional cess of ₹1 per litre will increase the burden of inflation on the consumers and the rate of GST on many items will be given to the government in the coming eighteen and 12 years. The government of India will also have to take a decision to abolish mandi duty in the country.


Do yoga or take regular 50 minute fast walk, but for a healthy body, doing this exercise in the morning is necessary.


If the sense of service is included in the routine, then enjoyment of life increases. If helping others is made as a habit, then this habit will create wonders for the society.


Protector of the state’s economy.
Backbone of the economy.
Generate revenue and employment for the country.
Leader in national service, but the weakest and the most robbed.
They forget their self-respect, they leave behind their identity and become behind backhand of the political parties.
Lets come together and remove the black hole of this insult.
Lets build a strong business society now and leave aside caste and  religion.


Without youth, no organization can move forward, no society, nor any state or any country.


No power is greater than that of an organization.
Organization itself is power.
An organisation is what keeps one together and strengthens the very roots of a society.


Hope is life. Positive thinking gives positive results and negativity always gives negative results, so a person should always think positive in life, think good, think better, only then results get better and better.

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