My story…

About Me

Sandeep Bansal is a business leader, politician and a social activist. He has been actively working for the society since last 25 years and has set an example for many young social workers and entrepreneurs. His vision is undoubtedly farsighted and he is an epitome of fierceness. His journey began 25 years ago as youth business leader who was fed up by the everyday nuances of the government on the traders and business community. Seeing the very hardship of the traders he decided to become the face of the youth trade union and in 1990 became the chairman of Lucknow Yuva Udhyog Vyapar Mandal followed by establishing his own trade union called the Akhil Bhartiya Udhyog Vyapar Mandal in September, 1993. His actions have served as a guiding light to many in the business community and continue to do so.

My Vision


During the very reign of the kings and that of the British Raj in India, the revenue-generating source were both the farmers and the business community.
 Since India gained independence the source of revenue has changed and now despite of collecting revenue from the farmers, the government gives them loans,  waivers and subsidies and tries to help them in whichever way they can. 
 However, the very important source of collection for the government which pay the taxes and generate employment in the country is the very entrepreneur and the government should think about in that very nature and create such policies which should take into consideration the upliftment of the business communities. 
There is no doubt that we consider the farmer as the food provider of the masses, but the government should also believe that if the farmer is the food provider, then the businessman is fortune maker.
There is a need to have the difficulties of industry and business on priority, which is red tape, which is the old law, eliminating all of today’s globalization. In the era of today’s 2020 era, plans should be made for industry and business. On one end we talk about creating a digital India, but on the other hand we are the traditional retail business of the country which is the traditional and small scale industries of the country. All those factories are closing down and in awe of destruction.
The government needs to make balanced policies and it should understand that our old industries should also remain alive in the existing era. 
We all need to work together towards the upliftment of the economy and there is no doubt about businessman being the backbone of the economy.